How the brachiation bar develops the confidence of the little children

8 May 2019

In each of our micro-crèches, a brachiation bar is installed. It allows the little ones to stand up at an age when they want to be like the older ones and stand on their feet.

This bar allows them to hoist easily and safely, to stand independently.

The bar is placed on a wall, so that baby can see his whole body when he stands on both legs. It is preferable smooth wood 10 cm from the wall and hung at about 45 cm in height (to adapt according to your child).

In our crèches, we always add a mirror that will allow children to observe their movements and correct themselves by looking at each other. They learn to know each other by discovering their identity, to recognize themselves, to discover the different parts of their body.

At the beginning baby can grab it with both hands and gradually with one hand to stand alone like the big ones! He will gain confidence in himself and be proud of him, what a victory to stand himself!

He does work the muscles of his body so fragile still, his balance so fragile still, his concentration in the physical effort, his joy to succeed.

The goal here is not to help him to stand up at all, but to provide him with a suitable space so that he can get up and get up when he really wants to.

Every child will go at his own pace. For this we must observe the babies and detect if it is the right time to offer them this material.