Olfaction – the development of the senses in Montessori pedagogy

25 May 2019

The olfactory system of the fetus is one of the first senses to be set up.

From the 7th month, the fetus experiences his first olfactory sensations through the amniotic fluid that carries odorous substances from the mother’s nourishment.

So quickly after birth, the baby recognizes the smell of his mother and that of breast milk, which is very reassuring for him. He memorizes the smells associated with his family and the place where he lives.

To develop the baby’s sense of smell, it is important to make him feel the new food, and when you take him for a walk, make him appreciate all the surrounding smells: flowers, trees, wet grass, fruits, and all the elements of his environment: a soap, a perfume, a food.

During the first months, avoid changing perfume, soap or body cream because it disturbs the baby who is reassured by the smells that he can recognize. If you leave the baby, it is possible to put in the bed or on the mattress a garment that his mother has worn because the baby will be appeased by its smell.

If your child has a blanket, it is better not to wash it too often because, once again, this familiar smell reassures him. Nevertheless, scrupulously respect the basic rules of hygiene.