Why gardening is essential for children?

24 April 2019

We already talked about it a few weeks ago … Since April, all the children of our micro-crèches participate in gardening workshops and the installation of vegetable gardens.

Last week, the Donnemarie Dontilly vegetable garden was installed by all the children.

Totally complementary to Montessori equipment inside the micro-crèches, the outdoor gardering presents real educational virtues for children. It allows them to:

  • Understand the world and the nature around them: insects, plants, seasons
  • Develop their motor skills and patience
  • Learn to organize and understand the chronology of actions
  • Learn about respect for the environment
  • Develop their vocabulary by learning new terms: tools, plants, insects, fruits, vegetables, etc.
  • Manage their emotions in situations that come out of their daily life: the sight of small animals, dirty hands, heavy tools
  • Learn to collaborate and work in a team
  • Develop self-confidence and autonomy

Whether in the countryside or in the city, enjoy weekends to garden with your little ones can only be positive!