Our values

1st network of Montessori nurseries & kindergartens

Our values are based on:

  • the Montessori Pedagogy which promotes the awakening, development and well-being of the child, with activities supervised by early childhood professionals, all continuously trained in this pedagogy.
  • a warm, secure and family environment, with spaces designed by specialized architects, and furnished with Montessori furniture and Montessori teaching materials allowing the child to develop his concentration, intelligence, language and senses.
  • a real closeness to parents through attentive listening and a mobile application that allows parents to follow the activities and evolution of their children.
  • special attention to children`s nuitrition by offering meals with BIO products validated by a child nutrition expert.
  • our commitment to promote the involvement and well-being of our employees, thanks in particular to ongoing training initiatives, development prospects and a pleasant working environment.

What is a Montessori HeidiDom nurserie & kindergarten?

A Montessori HeidiDom nurserie & kindergarten is an institution for young children which receives an authorization to open and operate from the Departmental councils after a favorable opinion of the doctor of maternal and child protection (PMI).

Montessori HeidiDom nurserie & kindergarten is a private structure, ideally located on the ground floor with an outdoor area, which can accommodate children aged from 10 weeks to 6 years on either a regular or occasional basis, full-time or part-time. The children live in a warm and safe environment and benefit from the kindness of the supervising team, all of whose members are qualified professionals of early childhood.

The pedagogical project set up in our crèches, developed by early childhood specialists, is based on Montessori pedagogy, which promotes the awakening of the senses, development and autonomy of the child.

The main axes of the educational project

The Montessori pedagogy, now universally recognized by early childhood professionals as well as the researches of neuroscientists, develops the intelligence of the child and promotes his well being and fulfillment.

Sensory and natural environment

Respect of the rhythm and the individuality of the child

Development of autonomy and concentration

Freedom of games and movements within a defined framework

Careful and warm attention

Importance given to language development

Development of the hand and the senses of the child

Material meeting the needs of sensory explorations

Confidence parents / professionals around the child

The educational project set up in our crèches is based on Montessori pedagogy: taking into account the needs of the child and the individual rhythm of each baby. The heart of this pedagogy, it`s the learning through the senses of the child and his autonomy.

This educational project is evolutif and personalized according to each structure. It serves as a working base for educational teams to best carry out their mission: welcoming and accompanying children to guide them gently towards autonomy.

All the elements of this educational project are, above all, based on respect for the child and his family as well as on the specific concerns of each child. It is part of a global policy for the prevention and protection of young children. This educational project aims to promote the psychomotor, emotional and intellectual development of the child. The child's stay within the structure must be a positive experience on which he can build step by step his personality.

A quality environment

HeidiDom pays special attention to the environment in which children live. The layout of our crèches has one goal: to encourage the reception of families and the awakening of children.

The child needs landmarks to feel safe. So the space is designed to offer little "islands" of very specific games, which can be rearranged according to the needs: a motor space, a space of symbolic games (doll, doctor, market ...), a space of manipulation ( lego, puzzles ...) and a relaxation area to allow the child to relax in a cozy little nest. A living space exclusively designed for the youngest is specially adapted, promoting respect for the development and the pace of life of the children.

Wood and raw materials are in a spirit of "nature" brightened by many touches of color and decorative elements.

Montessori teaching materials are used to help the child develop and refine their senses.