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How to Pronounce Gewürztraminer, Moët & 9 Other Wine Words • TC Blog (2)

How to Pronounce Gewürztraminer, Moët & 9 Other Wine Words • TC Blog (3)Today on the blog we welcome back Naomi Fullerwho is sharing with us a struggle she had recently when it came to ordering wine. She has put a great post together which will help anyone who may wonder, how do I pronounce that wine?

On a recent visit to a pub in Vic Park Hotel (Perth), I noticed that they were offering a number of sparkling wines on the drinks menu. Hooray! It isn’t often that you see so many different sparklings’ on offer at a venue I would consider more of a blokes pub.

My only hesitation in ordering a sparkling wine, was the fact that I wanted the Cuvée?

But how do I pronounce this again?

I had a complete wine blank!

How to Pronounce Gewürztraminer, Moët & 9 Other Wine Words • TC Blog (4)

I was in a panic.

Was I to avoid the drink altogether so I wouldn’t have to pronounce the name? Point to the wine on the list so I didn’t have to say anything? Or attempt to pronounce the word and put my pride aside for one moment?

I’m sure I’m not the first person to experience this…

So rather than let you live through a similar embarrassing situation, below are 10 common wine varieties popping up on wine menus around the country and how to pronounce them.

Let’s begin with my faux pas, Cuvée…

How Should You Pronounce Cuvée?

“Coo vay”

What is Cuvée?

  • A French term, meaning “tank”.
  • Can be used to imply prestige or quality.
  • Cuvée Champagne is a specific blend of wines, from various vats that go into a Champagne house’s particular recipe, or a special blend of the house; Creating the same taste year after year.
  • The term is not officially regulated, and can appear on the labels of any wines.
  • Can refer to either sparkling or still wines.
  • “cuvée speciale” or “tête de cuvée,” has also been used in wine labels to denote higher quality.

How Should You Pronounce Chianti?


What is Chianti?

  • An old world, dry red wine from the Chianti region in Tuscany, Italy.
  • The region and the wine date back hundreds of years to at least the 13th Century.
  • Named after the region, not the grape variety used to create the wine, which is Sangiovese.
  • To be considered a Chianti wine, it must be produced in the Chianti region and be made from at least 80% Sangiovese grapes.
  • The two common variations of Chianti are Chianti and Chianti Classico.
  • Chianti Classico is considered to be a bit more refined and higher end than Chianti
  • The black rooster that appears on many Chianti Classico labels, signifies the peace between Florence and Siena.

How Should You Pronounce Pinot Noir?

“PEE-noh nwar”

What is Pinot Noir?

  • Pinot Noir ranks with some of the oldest grapes in the world – over 1000 years older than Cabernet Sauvignon.
  • Pinot Noir was born in the Burgundy region of France.
  • Pinot Noir is often noted for its natural ability to be lighter than other red wines and have low tannin.
  • Pinot Noir producers call it red Burgundy, after the region where it’s made.
  • Pinot Noir is one of the grapes, along with Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier that you’ll find in most Champagnes
  • Pinot Noir is the holy grail of winemakers and wine lovers, but it’s also the diva of the wine world – temperamental to grow and difficult to make, throwing up challenges at every step.
  • Cool regions in Victoria have found great success with Pinot Noir as well as the Great Southern in WA and Tasmania.

Fun fact: Don’t name pets ‘Pinot’ because the ‘no’ in the word can be highly confusing for an animal if you are also using ‘no’ when telling them off.

How Should You Pronounce Rioja?


What is Rioja?

  • Rioja is an old world wine from Spain, taking its name from the region where it is produced.
  • Known for its structure and tannins.
  • Made from a blend of grape varieties, with Tempranillo the dominant grape.
  • Rioja has a wine control board, called the Consejo Regulador DOCa Rioja, who inspects the quality of producers to ensure consistency.
  • There are 4 different main styles of Rioja wine – Rioja formerly “vin joven”, Crianza, Reserva and Gran Reserva.

How Should You Pronounce Sangiovese?


What is Sangiovese?

  • Sangiovese is an Italian red wine grape varietal.
  • The ‘i’ is hardly pronounced, as such the pronunciation is San-jo-vay-zee.
  • Italy’s most popular grape, it is most well-known as the primary varietal used in Chianti.
  • Accounts for around 10% of grapes planted in Italian vineyards.
  • The name of this grape, literally translates as ‘blood of Jove’, after the supreme god in Roman mythology.

How Should You Pronounce Voignier?


What is Viognier?

  • A full-bodied white wine that originated in southern France.
  • Most loved for its perfumed aromas of peach, tangerine and honeysuckle,
  • If you love white wines like Chardonnay, you will love Viognier.
  • Viognier produces the best wines when it grows in sunny regions with temperatures moderated by cool nights or nearby bodies of water.
  • Viognier was brought to France by the Romans but the name is very much French.
  • Viognier also doesn’t cellar all that well, only three to four years by some estimates.
  • Australia can be given credit for helping to keep Viognier wine on the map, as the variety almost died out.

How Should You Pronounce Tempranillo?

“tem prah NEE yoh”

What is Tempranillo?

  • Red wine originating from Spain.
  • Spain is very proud of its indigenous Tempranillo grape; they have been making it into wine for over 2,000 years.
  • Most commonly grown in the Navarra and Rioja regions, which are about 300 miles west of Barcelona, Spain.
  • Takes its name from the Spanish word temprana, meaning early – a reference to the fact that it ripens earlier than most Spanish red grapes.
  • Tempranillo is the main grape variety used to make Rioja.

How Should You Pronounce Montepulciano?

“mon tae pul chee AH noh”

What is Montepulciano?

  • A red wine grape variety indigenous to the Tuscany region of Italy.
  • It can be confused with Vino Nobile de Montepulciano, a regional name for the Sangiovese-based wine in Tuscany.
  • Montepulciano is the second most planted red grape in Italy – after Sangiovese.
  • It is one of the primary grapes used to produce Offida Rosso and Montepulciano d’Abruzzo.
  • The grape grows well in the warmer climates of central and southern Italy, as the grape has a tendency to ripen late in the growing season.
  • There is an Italian town called Montepulciano, which produces a wine called Vino Nobile di Montepulciano – this wine is mostly made from Sangiovese, and doesn’t include any of the Montepulciano grape.
  • In 2016, at the International Wine Competition in London, for the first time, Gold medals were given to Montepulciano outside of Italy; South Australian wineries Bird in Hand and Mr Riggs.

How Should You Pronounce Gewürztraminer?


What is Gewürztraminer?

  • One of 18 Classic Noble Grapes.
  • Surprisingly rare wine grape with only about 20,000 acres worldwide.
  • Gewürztraminer is the grown-up version of Moscato.
  • Gewürztraminer isn’t always sweet, however, because Gewürztraminer is an aromatic grape like Muscat (Moscato), Riesling and Torrontés, it will have an inherently sweet flavour simply due to the smell.
  • The grape originated in Germany and is one of the 4 Grand Cru grapes of Alsace, produced in the region for hundreds of years.
  • Gewürztraminer is often shortened to ‘Traminer’ or ‘Gewurzts’ in Australia.

How Should You Pronounce Nebbiolo?


What is Nebbiolo?

  • Originally from north-west Italy, a region known as Piemonte.
  • Thought to take its name from nebbia, Italian for the fogs that characteristically drape the Piemonte hills in autumn.
  • Has been grown and valued since at least the 14th century.
  • The grape is late-ripening and early to flower.
  • Nebbiolo wines are translucent.
  • Nebbiolo is the sole grape used to make Barolo and Barbaresco wine.
  • To make Barolo (King of Wine) or Barbaresco (Queen of) wine, the vineyard must be based in the Piedmont region; although Nebbiolo is grown all over the region, not just in the villages that use it to create the high-end wines.


How Should You Pronounce Moët?


Check out this YouTube clip by Spitbucket, interviewing Benoit Gouez – the chef de cave ofMoët & Chandon on his trip to Australia for the launch of the 2002 vintage.

Now that you have seen the list, are there any other wine varieties that you’re seeing on wine menus that you’re having trouble pronouncing or have you got a handy hint to remember how to pronounce others?


How do you pronounce the wine name? ›

Wine Pronunciation Guide for Beginners
  1. Albariño: al-ba-REE-nyo. ...
  2. Barbera: bar-BAIR-ah. ...
  3. Brut: broot. ...
  4. Brunello: bru-NEH-lo. ...
  5. Cabernet Franc: ka-ber-ney frahn. ...
  6. Cabernet Sauvignon: ka-ber-nay soh-VIN-yohn. ...
  7. Champagne: sham-peyn. ...
  8. Chardonnay: shar-dah-nay.
14 Feb 2019

What is the translation of Gewürztraminer? ›

Literally translated, Gewürztraminer means "spiced Traminer" (Traminer Aromatico in Italian) – an etymological link to its Traminer relations. However, while the word Traminer itself indicates the town of Tramin (Termeno) in the Alto Adige region, the geographical link is disputed.

Is Gewürztraminer French or German? ›

Though Gewürztraminer is originally from Germany, it might come as a surprise to budding wine lovers that France's Alsace region has made a gold star name for itself with this spicy, floral grape.

What is the best way to describe Gewürztraminer? ›

Gewurztraminer offers complex aromas, ranging from rose to apricot kernel and tropical fruits, together with pepper and sweet spices. Dried fruits and honey also appear when there's noble rot. Simple Gewurz wines with no specific origin beyond AC Alsace are usually medium bodied and either off-dry or semi-sweet.

How do you pronounce all brand names? ›

Alright, let's get after it!
  1. Louis Vuitton. American: Loo-ee Va-tahn. ...
  2. Chanel. American: Shuh-nel. ...
  3. Givenchy. American: Ga-vin-she. ...
  4. Balenciaga. American:Buh-len-cee-ah-ga. ...
  5. Yves Saint Laurent. American: eevs say-nt Luh-rent. ...
  6. Burberry. American: Ber-ber-ee. ...
  7. Hermès. American: Air-mez. ...
  8. Fjallraven. American: Fee-yal-rah-vin.

What's correct pronunciation? ›

Pronunciation is the way in which a word or a language is spoken. This may refer to generally agreed-upon sequences of sounds used in speaking a given word or language in a specific dialect ("correct pronunciation") or simply the way a particular individual speaks a word or language.

What are the 5 S's in wine tasting? ›

By using the 5 S's (see, swirl, sniff, sip, and savor), you'll be able to get the most out of any glass of wine, especially Prairie Berry Winery wine. Not only will you be able enjoy the wine more, but you'll gain an appreciation for it.

What are the 7 S's of wine tasting? ›

The Seven S's of Tasting
  • See. Hold your glass to the light and look through the wine. ...
  • Swirl. Air is beneficial for a wine. ...
  • Smell. Generally, you want to avoid sticking your whole nose into the glass. ...
  • Sip. Take your first sip of the wine. ...
  • Slurp. ...
  • Savor. ...
  • Spit!

Which is sweeter Riesling or Gewürztraminer? ›

Traditionally, Riesling is intended to be sweet – to balance out its acidity – although some modern varieties are drier. Gewürztraminer can be either dry, but is often made sweeter.

Is Gewürztraminer wine sweet or dry? ›

What does Cuvée mean in French? ›

Cuvée (French pronunciation: ​[kyve]) is a French wine term that derives from cuve, meaning vat or tank. Wine makers use the term cuvée with several different meanings, more or less based on the concept of a tank of wine put to some purpose.

What type of wine is Gewürztraminer? ›

Gewürztraminer is like the grown-up version of Moscato. While Gewürztraminer wine has many similarities to Moscato it also has higher alcohol, more striking aromatics and lower acidity. All of these characteristics make Gewürztraminer more difficult to slurp down, thus making it more 'adult'.

Is Gewürztraminer similar to Pinot Grigio? ›

Gewurztraminer, which means “spiced Traminer” in German, is an aromatic white wine grape (like Riesling and Muscat) that thrives in cooler climates. It is a pink grape, just like Pinot Gris and Pinot Grigio. It is predominantly grown in Alsace (France), Italy, and the USA, apart from a few other regions.

What food goes with Gewürztraminer wine? ›

Gewürztraminer goes well with red snapper, halibut, mahi-mahi, tuna, salmon, trout, swordfish, and even sturgeon. Experiment with the strong lychee aromas of white wine Gewürztraminer with a Lychee Tuna Tartare dish.

Should Gewürztraminer be refrigerated? ›

Gewürztraminer wine is best served and enjoyed chilled. The ideal temperature to serve it at is around 12 to 15 degrees Celsius. Ensure the wine is chilled to the exact temperature using a wine cooler, bar fridge or if all else fails, your refrigerator.

Should Gewürztraminer wine be served cold? ›

Specifically, Gewurztraminer white wine is designed to be enjoyed cold, so it goes very well with this time of year. You don't have to be a sommelier or know how to pronounce its elaborate name to feel its aromas, flavor and fruit notes.

Is Gewürztraminer high in sugar? ›

Today Gewürztraminer is grown widely around the world, but in small quantities and performs best in cool climate regions due to its low acidity and high natural sugar levels (in warm climates the acidity is too low to balance the sweetness).

What is the first most mispronounced brand in the world? ›

Brand names most commonly mispronounced
  • Adobe: Uh-doe-bee.
  • Adidas: Add-dee-dass.
  • Allianz: Ali-ahntz.
  • Amazon: Ama-zun.
  • Anna Sui: Ah-na swee.
  • Asus: A-seuss.
  • Audi: O-dee.
  • Aveda: Ah-vay-da.

What are the most mispronounced names? ›

30 Baby Names People Always Mispronounce
  • of 30. Rheagan. Any name with a random "h" thrown in for fun is sure to confuse people, and Rheagan is no exception. ...
  • of 30. Kian. ...
  • of 30. Geoffrey. ...
  • of 30. Lachlan. ...
  • of 30. Louis. ...
  • of 30. Khaleesi. ...
  • of 30. Imogen. ...
  • of 30.
25 May 2018

Is there an app to check your pronunciation? ›

Sounds: Pronunciation App is the most comprehensive English pronunciation tool, for English learners, students and teachers. This English pronunciation app includes pronunciation charts in both British and American English.

Is there any app to check pronunciation? ›

With (How to) Pronounce, you can easily check the pronunciation of a word or phrase and memorize it. You can also check how a native speaker of the language you are learning could say a word in your language.

Is there a pronunciation website? ›

Forvo: the pronunciation dictionary. All the words in the world pronounced by native speakers.

What are the 4 V's of wine? ›

The 4 “V”s of wine
  • The Varietal.
  • The Vineyard.
  • The Vintner.
  • The Vintage.

What are the 3 V in wine? ›

While exploring the subject with the tasting group it suddenly dawned on me that a wine's quality is a measure of its "3 Vs" - varietal, vineyard and vintage.

What are the 4's of wine tasting? ›

Swirl, sniff, sip and spit was the phrase used in the 1980s and 1990s by our Sonoma County Wineries Association to help people in a humorous way to taste wine responsibly. Easy to remember not always easy to do especially the last word.

What does S mean in wine? ›

Sweetness Descriptors

Dry (D) = No distinct sweetness, well rounded with balanced acidity. Medium (MD) = Slight sweetness perceived. Medium Sweet (MS) = Noticeably sweet. Sweet (S)= Distinctively sweet.

What does umami mean in wine? ›

Umami refers to the taste of free glutamic acid (Glu), an amino acid that can be present in the taste of wine as a result of the grapes used and the applied vinification techniques.

What does CDP mean in wine? ›

Châteauneuf-du-Pape is a French wine appellation known for its bold Grenache-based red blends. Officially, the region makes both red and white wines with up to 13 different grapes.

What is the difference between Riesling and Gewürztraminer? ›

There's a marked difference in weight and texture between aromatic varieties riesling and gewurztraminer: riesling is about vivacity often with a hint of mineral and whether sweet or dry, usually has a crisp finish; gewurztraminer is lusher and richer with a silky or oily texture, and the best have a firm, dryish ...

Which is the sweetest level of German wines? ›

Sweetness levels, from dry to sweet, look like this: trocken, halbtrocken (half-dry), feinherb (off-dry), lieblich (semi-sweet), and suß (sweet.) Another life-hack when shopping for Riesling is to check the alcohol content; drier wines tend to have a higher alcohol content than their sweet counterparts.

What is the sweetest German wine? ›

Traditionally a sweet wine with citrus and stone fruit flavors, Rieslings can be some of the sweetest wines in the world. But dry Rieslings are now more widely produced due to diversifying taste demands. The finest Rieslings come from the Mosel or Rhinegau regions.

What is the sweetest German Riesling? ›

Here are the finest sweet Riesling wines to try now: 2003 Egon Muller Scharzhofberger Riesling Trockenbeerenauslese, Mosel, Germany. 1959 Egon Muller Scharzhofberger Riesling Beerenauslese, Mosel, Germany. 1994 Fritz Haag Brauneberger Juffer Sonnenuhr Riesling Trockenbeerenauslese Goldkapsel, Mosel, Germany.

What does a Gewürztraminer taste like? ›

Dryer styles of Gewurztraminer have notes of citrus fruits such as grapefruit while others have aromatic, floral flavors like rose petals. Gewurztraminer wine and Moscato wine have similar tastes. Both these sweet wines boast intensely fruity flavors and highly aromatic grapes.

Is Gewürztraminer high in alcohol? ›

The trouble with Gewürztraminer is that the acidity can be low and out of balance if picked too late. The alcohol level is often very high, around 14% abv as the grapes easily ripen, allowing them to build high a high sugar content which gets converted into alcohol.

What does Baba mean in France? ›

flabbergasted; tongue-tied; speechless.

What does Tete de Cuvee mean in French? ›

Tête de cuvée is a French term that can be loosely translated as top batch or top blend. This is the term the Champenois use to describe their very best (and most expensive) bottlings. Outside of Champagne these wines are also called Prestige Cuvées.

What does Bebe mean French? ›

noun. babe [noun] (literary) a baby.

What is another name for the Gewürztraminer grape? ›

In the European Union, Gewurztraminer is officially called by other names: Diseci traminec (Slovenia), Roter Traminer (Germany), Traminac (Croatia), Traminer (Austria), Tramin cerveny (Czech Republic, Slovakia), Traminer aromatico (Italy) and Traminer roz (Romania).

Is Gewürztraminer a dessert wine? ›

Because it has such sweet and intense flavors, it can be served straight from the fridge. Because Gewurztraminer is such a sweet wine, you may want to pour yourself a bit less than usual. Treat it as a dessert wine and serve it in a short glass such as a sherry or port glass.

What kind of wine is Gewürztraminer? ›

Gewürztraminer is like the grown-up version of Moscato. While Gewürztraminer wine has many similarities to Moscato it also has higher alcohol, more striking aromatics and lower acidity. All of these characteristics make Gewürztraminer more difficult to slurp down, thus making it more 'adult'.

What wine is sweeter Riesling or Gewürztraminer? ›

If you like your wines sweeter or more acidic, you might opt for a Riesling. If you are looking for a richer, silkier, less acidic wine, try our Dry Gewürztraminer wine instead for a unique taste you may have never had before.

What kind of food is good for drinking with Riesling & Gewürztraminer wine? ›

Gewürztraminer is a very fruity wine, and thus goes well with most things fruit! Think anything from a light Waldorf salad to brunch waffles with coconut and pineapple sauce, to a spiced tropical fruit chutney. White wine Gewürztraminer pairs very well with pear, peach, apple, mango, coconut, pineapple, and quince.

Should Gewürztraminer wine be chilled? ›

Gewürztraminer wine is best served and enjoyed chilled. The ideal temperature to serve it at is around 12 to 15 degrees Celsius. Ensure the wine is chilled to the exact temperature using a wine cooler, bar fridge or if all else fails, your refrigerator.

What are the 5 main grapes of Bordeaux? ›

What are the Bordeaux Varietals? The six Bordeaux Varietals include Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot, Malbec, and occasionally Carménère. Bordeaux blends are made up of differing combinations of these grapes, all of which bring unique characteristics to their wines.

What are the 3 Champagne grapes? ›

Although most people think that Champagne wines are made solely from three main grape varieties (Chardonnay, Pinot noir and Meunier), that's not quite true! Four other varieties are also authorised within the AOC area and are used to make some Champagnes: Arbane, Petit Meslier, Pinot blanc and Pinot gris.

What are the 2 famous grapes of New Zealand? ›

New Zealand is best known for its Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, and more recently its dense, concentrated Pinot Noir from Marlborough, Martinborough and Central Otago.

What is dessert wine in Italian? ›

dessert wine {noun}

volume_up. vino da dessert {m}

What do the French call dessert wine? ›

Rich, sweet, and complex, Sauternes makes a phenomenal dessert when sipped all on its own, but it can also be great paired with food. One of the biggest mistakes people make with Sauternes is believing that the dessert wine should be paired with a sweet dessert.

What are the 5 types of dessert wine? ›

5 Types of dessert wine - What is the best dessert wine for dinner?
  • 2.1.1 Demi-Sec ('off-dry' in French)
  • 2.1.2 Amabile ('slightly sweet' in Italian)
  • 2.1.3 Semi Seco ('off-dry in Italian)
  • 2.1.4 Doux ('sweet' in French)
  • 2.1.5 Dolce / Dulce ('sweet' in Italian / Spanish)
  • 2.1.6 Moelleux ('sweet' for some French wines)
29 Mar 2021

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