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Upgrading your Kitchen with and a Pot-filler or an Instant Hot Water Dispenser?

Pot fillers & Instant Hot Water Dispensers are the latest trend in kitchen plumbing. Both a pot-filler and an instant hot water dispenser are a chefs dream. A pot filler is a faucet located on the backsplash over your range or cooktop with an articulated arm that enables the tap swing out over the burners so you can fill large stock pots where they will be heated. Pot fillers eliminate the need to lug heavy, water-filled pots from the sink to the stove.


Pot Filler & Instant Hot Installation - Trident Plumbing (1)The latest kitchen trend: Pot-filler & Instant Hot Water dispensers

Benefits of a Pot-filler Faucet

  • Convenience – having a faucet above a range or stove is incredibly convenient.
  • Less strain and pain – from carrying pots full of water all around the kitchen and from the sink to the stove.
  • They help you multitask – you can fill pots right at the stove and free up your kitchen sink and saves you time.
  • Minimize the messes – They can help you open up the space by taking away sink clutter – allowing your sink to be used for food prep and cleaning.

Hot Water Dispensers

An Instant Hot Water Dispenser is another item trending in kitchen remodels. As the name indicates, this allows for a homeowner to have instant access to hot water- without having to allow the water to run through gallons down the drain before it gets hot. We install a small electric tank is installed under the sink that heats up inside and warms the cold water flowing in, so that each time you use the dispenser you instantly have hot water. We do NOT recommend that you try to install this on your own.

Benefits of Hot Water Dispensers

  • Instant Boiling Water on Demand
  • Reduces Limescale Buildup
  • Energy Efficient Alternative
  • Water Conservation – no more waiting for water to warm up from the faucet
  • Ideal for People with Limited Mobility –

Installation Process

Our certified plumbers can install a new Pot-filler & Instant Hot Water Dispenser in your home, managing any city permits, to reroute or add water lines, that are needed. In most houses, water lines are not installed to the area behind the stove for the pot-filler. Our team will find an existing water line that is closest to the location of where your pot filler will be located. Depending on your kitchen’s layout, the water line connected to the back of your refrigerator or to your sink or dishwasher may be used. Running this line through the wall to the location of your new pot filler will most likely require some demolition. The Instant Hot Water generally will not require additional water lines in the kitchen. Give Trident a call. Our work is guaranteed, and every installation and repair is done to the highest industry standards. Whether you’re replacing a faucet or installing a new unit with tank and filtration system, our experts will do it right without breaking the bank. .

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