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A lot of celebrities have made a difference with their charitable activities. Their zeal for charitable works is not because they earn more than others.

Some celebrities have endeared themselves to fans with their charitable innovations. Moreover, these celebrities spend millions of dollars to fund various charities and research that will help humanity. Interestingly, most athletes earn their money via sponsorship deals from football and accessories manufacturers, including from casinos with $1 deposit platforms. The list of celebrities that carry out various charitable activities is long but the 20 listed here have shown remarkable achievements in this direction.

20. Ndamukong Suh

This football star has a foundation in his home country, Nebraska. Suh’s foundation ensures that kids in Nebraska have all they need to go to school. The foundation provides learning materials for kids who do not have them. He believes that every child should be equipped with the necessary materials to excel.

19. Larry Fitzgerald

Larry Fitzgerald has created a program known as the First Down Fund, which helps to sponsor another charity programs. Besides the money generated from the fund, Fitzgerald donates his money towards charity causes. Fitzgerald has taken several trips to Ethiopia for different charity programs aimed at making the country a better place. But that’s not all. He also donates supplies to football programs.

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18. Russell Wilson

Besides helping to organize fund-raising programs for several charity programs, Russell Wilson invests his time and money with sick children in Seattle. He also has a foundation that raises funds for children who are in need. Wilson has shown that more people can give besides their money by spending his free time with ailing children.

17. Curtis Granderson

This baseball player has a foundation that caters to the education of kids all over the country. He also organizes programs where kids can be taught baseball and leadership skills. In addition to raising funds for other charity programs, Granderson sponsors the trips of children to watch baseball games in the city. Curtis Granderson also donated towards the building of the baseball complex in Chicago.

16. J. J. Watt

Watt is another athlete that is raising money for charity programs, especially those which deal with the less privileged. He strongly believes in helping people who are in need. Besides donating his money towards charity programs, Watt also gives his time. This list of most charitable athletes will not be complete without talking about this generous and compassionate star.

15. Eli Manning

Eli Manning is not just another athlete who provides for the helpless. He has a soft spot for kids and has gone on to establish his own children’s clinic. This clinic is for children with common sicknesses who need care and support. Manning also helps to raise funds for children through the clinic.

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14. David Beckham

Soccer is not the only thing David Beckham is good at as he is also talented at helping charity programs. Beckham has established a trust that gives supplies and equipment to disabled children. He strongly believes in helping children all over the world who are in need. Interestingly, David Beckham also belongs to charity organizations like the red cross and UNICEF.

13. Yuna Kim

Besides being an ambassador for UNICEF, this Korean skater also raises money for sick children. She invests her money and time in several programs designed to raise money for charity causes. In addition, she donates her funds towards helping children who are in need. According to reports, Kim has donated over 2 million dollars to help less privileged kids.

12. Roger Federer

Federer has a foundation dedicated to empowering children in Switzerland, his country, and Africa. This is because he believes every child must go to school. Roger Federer’s foundation is aimed at helping poor kids who do not have access to education. The foundation also equips kids with all they need to stop living in poverty.

11. Tiger Woods

In addition to being a skilled golfer, Tiger Woods is always involved with one charity cause or the other. He also has a foundation that donates towards the education and health of kids. This foundation helps poor kids to be able to go to college. Woods is also funding medical research aimed at developing cures and treatments for diseases.

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10. Mo’ne Davies

This little girl has not only made remarkable achievements in the sports industry but has also helped other girls to achieve their dreams. Davies has a project which is geared toward helping girls in developing countries. She wants these girls to not only achieve their dreams but to defeat poverty. The project is solely funded by her through the profit she makes from her other businesses.

9. Richard Sherman

Outside the field, Richard Sherman is a nice guy who cares for others. Sherman puts smiles on the faces of children, using his wealth and influence. He does this through a foundation that helps children to fulfill their dreams. This foundation provides supplies to children in rural areas.

8. Heather O’Reilly

This Olympic gold medalist has a foundation that helps women and girls to achieve their dreams through sports. She is actively involved in the activities of the foundation. Besides donating money, O’Reilly also invests her time in programs seeking to empower women. O’Reilly believes that women and girls all over the world deserve to live better lives.

7. Maria Sharapova

Besides being a famous athlete, Sharapova is also popular for helping the less privileged. She is actively involved in over 10 different charity programs. These charity programs are aimed at alleviating poverty, empowering women, and sensitizing people about HIV. Sharapova is also an ambassador of the UN and a volunteer at a children’s charity.

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6. Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps is a generous giver, especially when it comes to sick and less privileged children. Phelps has a foundation that helps less privileged kids from different countries. He also donates to other charity programs around the globe. When it comes to helping kids in need, you are sure to find Michael Phelps.

5. Neymar Jr.

Neymar is one of the athletes to campaign against the Ebola disease. He also established a project to provide clean water to his country, Brazil. In addition, he has also established a project which is the building of an education and sports complex. Even though he is quite young, this football star is aware of the problems plaguing the world.

4. LeBron James

This basketball star has a foundation that helps children to reach their potential through education. He partnered with a university to offer fully funded scholarships to children who graduate from his academy. James is also a big donator towards many charity programs. These charity programs are organized to help the less privileged.

3. Serena Williams

Serena Williams organizes programs to help children in Nepal, Bangladesh, and Indonesia go to school. She has an organization that provides fully-funded scholarships to children in need. However, only less privileged children in the USA are eligible for these scholarships. Williams also makes donations to several clinics and a program that sensitizes people about HIV.

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2. John Cena

This wrestler, rapper, and movie star is one of the most charitable athletes in the world. His Make-A-Wish foundation is one of the most popular charity organizations. This foundation grants the wishes of children with terminal illnesses like cancer. According to reports, this foundation has granted over 500 thousand wishes.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo

This football star is not only famous for his wealth but also for the charity activities he engages in. Ronaldo has donated funds to sponsor a cancer program in Portugal. He has also helped to raise awareness and funds for various charity programs. Some of the causes he raises awareness for include poverty and hunger.

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Who is the most charitable Athletic in the world? ›

Other than collecting F1 World Championships, Lewis Hamilton has proven to be extremely generous off the track, and is officially now the most giving athlete in the world!

What charities has Lebron James donated to? ›

He set up the Lebron James Family Foundation. The foundation raises and donates money for several charities. These include Boys and Girls Clubs of America, After-School All-Stars, the Children's Defense Fund, Gabriel's Angle Foundation and ONEXONE.

Which celebrity supports most charities? ›

10 Biggest Celebrity Philanthropists
  • Elton John. The famous singer and composer has been known for his philanthropic efforts since 1986. ...
  • Oprah Winfrey. Oprah is a beloved TV star, to say the least. ...
  • Taylor Swift. ...
  • Barbra Streisand. ...
  • George & Amal Clooney. ...
  • Angelina Jolie. ...
  • Miley Cyrus. ...
  • Chrissy Teigen & John Legend.
6 Sept 2022

Which country donates the most? ›

United States

Who does more charity Messi or Ronaldo? ›

Cristiano Ronaldo is the top charitable football player. The Real Madrid hot- shot has won the Athletes Gone Good Award for most charity work. He is always praised for his charity work.

How much has Michael Jordan donated? ›

In fact, the Bulls legend donated $100 million to fight income equality and injustice in the community. His brand looks to fund nonprofit organizations that work to bridge the gap in communities of color.


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