The 6 Easiest Rabbit Breeds to Take Care Of | Rabbit Informer (2023)

The 6 Easiest Rabbit Breeds to Take Care Of | Rabbit Informer (1)

Just like any animal breed, rabbit breeds come with varying characteristics. Some breeds may be more temperamental while others tend to have relaxed traits. As you consider buying a rabbit, you will want to incorporate the kind of rabbit breed that’s compatible with you before you make a final decision.

Common rabbit breeds that are the easiest to take care of are the Holland Lop, the Lionhead rabbit, the Himalayan rabbit, the Mini Rex, the Harlequin rabbit, and the Chinchilla rabbit. While their needs and personalities may vary, they will likely be affectionate animals that make great pets.

Let’s go into greater detail about why these specific rabbit breeds may suit you best.

The Holland Lop

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Holland Lops are your floppy-eared, squishy rabbits that you just want to rain love down on. In fact, that’s just one of the many reasons Holland Lops make great pets. They can grow between 2 to 4 pounds with varying colors. This means that they’re on the smaller side of the rabbit scale.

These rabbits shed during the summer, so you will need to brush them regularly to maintain their fur. They live between 7 and 14 years—quite a long time compared to other rabbit breeds!

If you’re looking for a friendly, energetic rabbit that you can actively spend time with, then you may want to own a Holland Lop. With that being said, because of their energetic nature they need room to roam. You’ll want to think about rabbit-proofing your home for them or finding a space that’s adequate for their activity levels.

Holland Lops love to play and have someone to play with, and they’ll thank you for involving yourself regularly with their lifestyle. Their friendly personalities will have you bonding with them in no time.

While Holland Lops are easy to take care of, they will probably not be the best breed if you or a child want to physically hold your rabbit. Although they are easy to handle—which what makes them popular show rabbits—they don’t like being picked up, as it is with many rabbit breeds.

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Because of their popularity, Holland Lops are easy to find among rabbit breeders.

Since every family is different, it is important to know if a rabbit will fit well into your family’s lifestyle. Check out this Owner’s Guide I put together to see if rabbits are, overall, hard to care for. You may be surprised!

The Lionhead Rabbit

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Their name suits their looks. Lionhead rabbits have fluffy manes and a crop of longer hair on their heads. As a smaller breed, they weigh between 2.5 to 3.5 pounds, so they can be fragile. Lionheads live between 7 to 10 years.

Lionheads are extremely people-friendly. They love attention and interaction, and unlike many rabbits, Lionheads tolerate handling and holding very well. Many consider them to be lap bunnies, and they’ll come to you for snuggles because of their high affection levels.

If you have children and want a breed that won’t struggle if they’re picked up, Lionheads are great rabbits. Just be sure that the Lionhead is handled with care because of their tiny stature.

This breed loves to play, and they do best when they have somewhere to spend their energy. Make sure your Lionhead has plenty of toys and someone to play with when you care for them.

Their unique hairstyles mean that they require constant grooming to avoid mats and tangling. Because of this, their maintenance levels are a bit higher than other breeds. You will need to ensure that you tend to their hair care needs, but this is a great opportunity for bonding time with them.

If you don’t think you’ll be able to upkeep your Lionhead’s mane, then maybe consider other breeds whose grooming standards are lower.

The Himalayan Rabbit

Himalayan rabbits are striking breeds due to their white coats and black, brown, charcoal, or lilac-colored ears, noses, tails, and feet. Despite their long bodies, Himalayans weigh only between 2.5 and 5 pounds. They are easy to groom, and they commonly live 5 to 8 years.

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Their calm, patient personalities have long made Himalayans a great rabbit for any household, especially with children. They’re one of the oldest rabbit breeds in the world, meaning that they’ve had a long time to adjust to a domesticated life.

Not only are Himalayans easy to care for, but they like human company, so you won’t have trouble bonding with them. They don’t mind being picked up and are rarely known to attack people if they’re uncomfortable.

Unlike other rabbit breeds, Himalayans don’t have high energy levels. If you have a smaller living space, Himalayans may be good for you because they won’t require as much racing around. That being said, they should still have toys to play with and be allowed to roam outside of their enclosures. This will allow them to be comfortable with your home, as well as with you.

Himalayans love sunshine. You should have as much sunlight as you can filtering into your home for them to soak up. And, if you have a fenced-off yard or a quiet place to take them on a leash and harness, you can spend time with your Himalayan outdoors when the weather is sunny.

If you’re nervous about owning your first pet rabbit, Himalayans are great options because of their docile and loving nature.

The Mini Rex

The 6 Easiest Rabbit Breeds to Take Care Of | Rabbit Informer (4)

The nice thing about Mini Rexes is that they come in all sorts of colors and patterns, so you’ll find a lot of variety when you choose one. As another small rabbit breed, they weigh in at about 3.5 to 4.5 pounds.

Due to their short fur that has only one layer instead of two, Mini Rex rabbits have low grooming requirements. They live between 5 to 8 years.

Mini Rexes are another highly popular breed for rabbit owners. This is due to their calm and friendly nature. Many will welcome human interaction, which will make bonding with them easy and fun. They may even be protective of you, and they’ll show it by keeping you company at all hours if you allow them to.

While they enjoy being petted and scratched, Mini Rexes tend to dislike being held. They will struggle if they’re held too long or too tightly, which may result in them scratching you or accidental dropping. But if you’re good with just cuddles, then Mini Rexes won’t complain.

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You’ll have to think about how much space and time to play your Mini Rex will have before you purchase one. The breed can have bouts of liveliness, but this also makes them great pets for you or children to interact with, as they’ll be easy to entertain.

Mini Rexes are a smart breed as well, so when it comes time to litter train them, they will prove to be less difficult to teach than other rabbits.

Their sweet demeanors, small size, and easy grooming make Mini Rexes an optimal choice for new rabbit owners. Here is a great article with 7 Reasons Mini-Rex Rabbits Make Great Pets if you’re still feeling a bit uncertain!

The Harlequin Rabbit

With unique colors and patterns, Harlequin rabbits will be sure to catch the eye. They weigh anywhere from 6.5 to 9.5 pounds, so if you’re looking for a mid-sized rabbit, they’re a good option.

Harlequins have minimal shedding. On average, they live 5 to 8 years.

Harlequins are curious and outgoing. They take to training well, and they love to learn tricks if you dedicate the time to teaching them. Just like their clownish name suggests, Harlequins live for your praise, and they thrive off entertaining you. This characteristic will allow you to quickly create a special bond with them.

These same traits, however, mean that Harlequins need time and space devoted to their high energy levels. They should be able to roam whenever they please, and you can expect them to frequently demand your attention. Their cleverness, combined with lack of attention, may lead to Harlequins acting like naughty kids.

In spite of their larger size, Harlequins do well with children, who will undoubtedly be excited to meet the rabbits’ care needs when it comes to play and love.

Try to avoid picking up Harlequins. Instead, shower them with pets, scratches, and cuddles. Their docile and sociable nature makes them perfect for such affection.

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The Standard Chinchilla Rabbit

Don’t get this rabbit confused with a regular chinchilla—standard Chinchilla rabbits are their own breed of rabbit. Known for their soft and chinchilla-like fur, Standard Chinchillas are 5 to 7.5 pounds.

Their fur doesn’t need much maintenance, and they have an average lifespan of 5 to 8 years.

This breed of rabbit tends to be calm and approachable. Standard Chinchillas make for good indoor pets.

They are easy to care for because of these traits. Whether you’re young or old, these rabbits can be loved without much difficulty due to their sweet temperaments.

Although Standard Chinchillas have lower energy levels than other rabbit breeds, they still need the ability to run when they like and stretch their legs. But if you want a laid-back rabbit who enjoys love yet doesn’t constantly need it, Standard Chinchillas fit that description perfectly. They like to lounge, so they have idealized indoor compatibility as well.

How well Standard Chinchillas do with picking up varies. Depending on their size and personality, they may or may not like being held. That being said, their peaceful nature means they’re likely to be patient as you figure out their wants and needs.

While the best rabbit for you largely depends on your individual circumstances, there are a few common traits that tend to make for a good rabbit. These are just my top 6 recommendations.

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What rabbit breed is the easiest to take care of? ›

Other popular breeds for beginner pet rabbit owners are the Mini Lop, Mini Rex, Dutch and Polish. All four are small breeds that have reputations of being gentle. That being said, all types of domestic rabbits have the potential of being good pets.

What is a Class 6 rabbit? ›

Rabbits are broken into four class or six class breeds. As a general rule, animals with a mature weight over 9 pounds are shown as a six class animal; while animals with a mature weight under 9 pounds are shown as a four class animal.

Which rabbit is best? ›

The 10 Most Affectionate Rabbit Breeds
  • Lionhead Rabbit.
  • Mini Lop Rabbit.
  • Harlequin Rabbit.
  • Polish Rabbit.
  • Rex Rabbit.
  • English Spot Rabbit.
  • Jersey Wooly Rabbit.
  • Himalayan Rabbit.
18 Jul 2022

Are rabbits easy to take care of? ›

But contrary to popular belief, they are not an 'easy' first pet for a child. Rabbits, like all animals, have specific needs when it comes to their housing, handling, food, and providing enough interesting and stimulating activities for them to do.

Are 2 rabbits easier than 1? ›

They will often be far happier and content with a mate. Rabbits are not that unlike humans, they also get bored, even depressed, and when they do, they often act it out with destructive behaviour. Take your time to get a new mate, or even better, buy two rabbits from the start.

What are the 6 rabbit body types? ›

Fun Rabbit Breed Facts

Rabbit breeds are classified into five body types: full arch, semi-arch, compact, commercial, cylindrical. The only rabbit breed to have the cylindrical body type is the Himalayan. The rabbit with the longest ears is the English Lop.

Is 6 old for a rabbit? ›

Life expectancy for a house rabbit is between 8-14 years. But when do rabbits become seniors? There is not an exact age when it happens. However, sometime between the ages of 5-8 a rabbit becomes a senior.

What is the laziest rabbit? ›

As one of the first domesticated rabbit breeds, English Lops are popular for their laidback and friendly temperament. In fact, these bunnies are so laidback that they're considered lazy by expert rabbit owners.

What are the top 5 bunnies? ›

Top 10 Most Popular Rabbit Breeds
  • #1 Holland Lop. The Holland Lop, developed in the Netherlands as a smaller version of the French Lop, sports cute floppy ears that frame their large head. ...
  • #2 Mini Lop. ...
  • #4 Lionhead. ...
  • #5 French Lop. ...
  • #6 Californian. ...
  • #7 Dwarf Papillon. ...
  • #8 Netherland Dwarf. ...
  • #9 Mini Rex.

What is the easiest pet to care for? ›

The Top 7 Best Low Maintenance Pets
  1. Birds.
  2. Snakes. ...
  3. Sea Monkeys. ...
  4. Guinea pigs. ...
  5. Goldfish. Ahh, the goldfish. ...
  6. Cats. If you claim that you are not a “cat person”, have you ever tried owning a cat? ...
  7. Hamsters. Taking care of a hamster is easy once they have the proper cage. ...

Are rabbits OK alone? ›

In the wild, rabbits live in big groups and they enjoy being with friends who will play with them, groom them, understand them and look out for them. So if these sociable animals are kept on their own, they may become bored, depressed, and very lonely.

Are rabbits friendly? ›

Rabbits are very loving, social animals, which means they not only love to spend time with their humans – they require it. Without human interaction, rabbits can get bored, even to the point of becoming lonely and depressed.

Can 3 female rabbits live together? ›

Bad idea, especially if they are unspayed. Female rabbits are notoriously territorial and in fact are more likely to display aggression than males. Even if they get along fine as kits, once they hit sexual maturity at around six months, that will almost certainly change, and they will fight.

Can a single rabbit be happy? ›

Rabbits are social animals, so a single rabbit is likely to feel lonely and depressed. Rabbits can live alone, but you'll need to provide your pet with the attention (company, petting, grooming, exercise, playing, and enrichment) that a bonded rabbit partner would provide.

Can 2 male rabbits live together? ›

Two male rabbits can get along together, but this is usually the least successful pairing. For a male-male pairing to work, one rabbit needs to be much more submissive than the other. They also must be neutered. Neutered males tend to be calmer and more likely to get along.

Which rabbit breed is the smallest? ›

Columbia Basin Pygmy Rabbits are the world's smallest and among the rarest.

What's the most common rabbit? ›

The eastern cottontail (Sylvilagus floridanus) is a New World cottontail rabbit, a member of the family Leporidae. It is the most common rabbit species in North America.

What are black rabbits called? ›

Rex Rabbit

he larger side of the Rex family, these rabbits can grow to around 12 pounds. Black Rexes have all-black underfur and guard hairs, making them exceptionally dark as well as incredibly soft and velvety. They are a favorite of rabbit owners with plenty of room for them to run around and play.

What is a 4 H rabbit? ›

Rabbits are popular 4-H projects because of their versatility. They are more manageable for younger and beginner 4-H members and they require less space than other livestock options, making them ideal for 4-H members who have limited facilities and space to raise animals.

What are the 4 uses of rabbits? ›

RABBIT PRODUCTION serves many purposes. Rabbits are used for meat, wool (fur), and skins, as pets, and even as laboratory animals for research. Throughout this E-unit, explore the various options that emerge for the pro- duction and marketing of rabbits.

What is the 7 classification of a rabbit? ›

Integrated Taxonomic Information System - Report
OrderLagomorpha Brandt, 1855 – coelho, tapeti, lagomorphs, Rabbits, Hares, Pikas
FamilyLeporidae Fischer, 1817 – Hares, Rabbits
GenusOryctolagus Lilljeborg, 1873 – Old World rabbits
SpeciesOryctolagus cuniculus (Linnaeus, 1758) – European Rabbit, Wild Rabbit, Conejo
15 more rows

What is a 6 8 rabbit? ›

Intermediate animals, often called 6/8 rabbits, are any 6-Class rabbits that are six to eight months old. Some breeds specify weight requirements, much like jrs. and srs., but other breeds do not and base it purely on age of the animal.

How old is a 1 year rabbit? ›

By the time the rabbit is 1 year old, they are roughly equivalent to 20 human years. After which, every rabbit year is equivalent to approximately 6 human years. This is based on the rabbit life expectancy of 10-12 years for pet rabbits. It can vary a little bit by breed.

Should I get my 11 year old a bunny? ›

Despite their reputation as low-maintenance starter pets, rabbits are actually better suited for older children that understand how to be responsible with the care of their pet. They are very social creatures that crave attention from their owners and will require a significant time and care commitment.

Can a 12 year old have a bunny? ›

Rabbits are not good pets for young children. They have a skittish nature and can be aggressive toward children who want to cuddle with their pet. Rabbits are also more difficult to care for than people expect. Instead it's better to have a rabbit as a family pet.

What makes a rabbit happy? ›

Bunnies are natural grazers and happy rabbits graze all day long. Just like some of us, rabbits can combat boredom by eating. Providing ample premium quality food is a great way to prevent boredom and up that happiness level. Make sure your bunnies always have unlimited, fresh, clean hay for grazing fun.

Do rabbits are lazy? ›

Rabbits are sociable and like to keep active. A bored bunny can become destructive and even depressed.

Do rabbits know their name? ›

Pet rabbits do know their own names. Rabbits can learn to associate sounds with specific commands over time. This includes coming to an owner when you call its name. Rewarding a rabbit with treats, petting, or other consistent positive reinforcements will help it retain these commands in its memory.

Do rabbits get bored alone? ›

If rabbits live in small hutches with nothing to do and no space to move, they get bored. Boredom can cause some serious health problems: Bored rabbits will fill their time by eating. If they eat too much and don't move around they'll put on weight.

Can a rabbit be left alone all day? ›

Rabbits dislike being left alone. They become lonely without company, which can lead to stress and ill health. Your rabbit may also start to fear for her safety as she's a prey animal. If you have two or more rabbits, they will likely be happy and contented for approximately 24 hours.

What's a famous rabbit? ›

Bugs Bunny

This famous animated rabbit continues to be a main player in the Looney Tunes gang, and he has been featured in comic books, TV shows and movies. Bugs Bunny is especially well-known for his catchphrase, “What's up, doc?” Needless to say, he's kind of a big deal.

What are rabbits favorite toys? ›

In general, rabbits like to play with toys they can chew, dig, or toss around. Cardboard, twig balls, apple sticks, and natural hay-based toys are often favorites of pet rabbits. Rabbits also commonly enjoy hanging mobile toys and tossing around hard plastic baby toys.

What pet is the smartest? ›

According to The Intelligence of Dogs, which ranks 131 dog breeds in terms of their relative intelligence, the border collie is the smartest dog breed known to man.

Do bunnies like the dark? ›

Rabbits need a contrast of light and darkness. A rabbit that lives in constant light can experience stress. In addition, their eyes can be damaged, and they'll gain weight. Provide a dark area for your bunny to sleep and relax within.

Do rabbits smile? ›

No. However, there are other ways that a rabbit shows you it's emotions, or feelings at the moment.

Can rabbit see in the dark? ›

Rabbits have night vision more comparable to a human than most mammals. Pure darkness will blind a rabbit, just like it does us. This is because wild rabbits do not need to see in the dark. A rabbit's eye does not contain a tapetum lucidum.

Can a rabbit hug you? ›

Many rabbits will also be happy to cuddle with you when you hug them on the ground, or they will hop into your lap and staying there for a while. However, rabbits can take a lot of time to trust people. They will not cuddle with you until you've taken the time to befriend them and prove you are a friend.

Do rabbits feel love? ›

Do rabbits love their owners? Rabbits can be very affectionate pets if they are given the chance. They are very social and enjoy spending time with their human companions. Once you've gained a rabbit's trust, they'll start to show you how much they love you in their own bunny ways.

How do rabbits see humans? ›

Rabbits have dichromatic color vision, meaning that they have two types of functioning color receptors, called cone cells, in their eyes. While humans can observe a combination of red, blue and green, rabbits can only observe two colors: blue and green. Meaning that, rabbits are somewhat color blind by human standards.

Can a rabbit be happy alone? ›

Rabbits can live alone, but you'll need to provide your pet with the attention (company, petting, grooming, exercise, playing, and enrichment) that a bonded rabbit partner would provide. It's always advisable to keep rabbits in pairs. If you can find a pair of rabbits that are already bonded, so much the better.


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